KUHN RIKON 30242 Kochgeschirr Pfanne Wok Joyce Chen Wok 35cm mit Stiel und Seitengriff

Kuhn Rikon 30242 - Dieser wok zaubert fernöstliches so mühelos auf den tisch, sodass ihm das zufriedene Lächeln der Gäste sicher ist. In dem wok kurz angebraten, bleiben Fisch und Fleisch saftig - das Gemüse behält Farbe, Vitamine und den vollen Geschmack. Der pfannenkörper aus stahlblech liegt leicht in der Hand und ist schnell erhitzt.

Das geheimnis asiatischen Lächelns. Die excalibur-Beschichtung ist sehr robust und pflegeleicht.

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Hot Thai Kitchen: Demystifying Thai Cuisine with Authentic Recipes to Make at Home

Appetite by Random House - Both a definitive resource and an extraordinary exploration of Thai cuisine, Hot Thai Kitchen will delight and inspire you in your Thai cooking journey. Then, salads, including entire chapters on vegetarian and vegan dishes, she shares her must-make recipes for curries, dips and dipping sauces, soups, and stir-fries, and sumptuous Thai desserts.

In this much-anticipated cookbook, Pailin brings her signature warmth and impressive technique to Thai food lovers everywhere. With foolproof and easy-to-follow instructions, Pailin breaks down the key ingredients, equipment, flavours, and techniques necessary to master authentic Thai cooking. And so, on youtube, Hot Thai Kitchen was born.

Hot Thai Kitchen: Demystifying Thai Cuisine with Authentic Recipes to Make at Home - Demystifying thai cuisine with authentic recipes to Make at HomeBroschiertes BuchThe definitive Thai cookbook from a YouTube star! Growing up in Thailand, Pailin Chongchitnant spent her childhood with the kitchen as her playground. With qr codes to video tutorials placed throughout the book, you'll be able to connect with Pailin online, too.

Combining her love of teaching with her devotion to Thai food, Pailin immediately connected with thousands of fans who wanted a friend and educator. Years later, as a cordon bleu-educated chef in San Francisco, Pailin vividly remembered the culinary experiences of her youth. From a young age, taking in the sight of snowy white coconut being shredded, she would linger by the stove, the smell of lemongrass-infused soups, and the sound of the pestle pounding against the granite mortar.

She begins by taking readers on a beautifully photographed trip to Thailand to explore the culinary culture and building blocks central to Thai food.

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